Farmhouse sinks have been a popular trend in the country kitchen look. They are both a visual treat (adding elegance to rustic style) and practical, (in size alone, especially since there is rarely a divider seen in more traditional sink options). However every in-home trend has both positives and negatives. Before you buy a farmhouse sink consider these downsides before making a decision:

One of the biggest downsides of the farmhouse sink is the cost. Farmhouse sinks range between $400-$850, plus the cost of installation, which on average costs $395. For those looking to save money by installing the sink themselves, you may want to think again. A farmhouse sink must be installed by a professional due to the sheer size and weight of the sink. The sink can also damage the countertops or cabinets if not installed properly. Once professionally installed you may find more things breaking than you originally thought. Farmhouse sinks are made out of tough material, especially the popular cast iron models. Since the model is made to be durable, they can be especially tough on glass and dishware. You may even want to invest in a shatter resistant set of dishes and glasses.

The other main issue homeowners face with this sink is that the vast majority of farm house sinks are white, and they will show off dirt and grime. A farmhouse sink requires more care and cleaning than a traditional stainless steel sink. However, baking soda is tool that farmhouse sink owners swear by. It helps make your sink look brand new again. It is also of note that, besides dirt and grime, on white farmhouse sinks wear and tear will also be more noticeable. Overall these kinds of sinks require more upkeep than other models of sinks.

However, if you’re willing and able to front the cost and put in the work to keep the sink clean, the farmhouse sink is a great choice. Beyond country kitchen, the farmhouse sink can fit in with just about any style and coloring. This is an timeless option that is sure to be on trend for a long time.

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