A good deal of thought often goes into the planning stages of building your dream home, but while you may have considered the architectural plans, the overall design and the kinds of materials you want to use, most potential homeowners often forget to put the same amount of time and consideration into the lot that they’re going to build their customized home on. At Cardano-Goodson, we believe that building your dream home means starting the project on the perfect lot. Below are a few key essentials for finding that perfect lot.

Suits your lifestyle

The perfect lot for any home first and foremost needs to be land that you can actually build on, meaning that it is structurally sound and that there are no restrictions preventing you from building a residential property on the purchased land. However, it’s important not to stop short after a few cursory Google Maps street views of the area. Even more so than determining how much distance will be between you and your closest neighbor, there are other more specific factors that need to be examined for the lot to match your lifestyle. For example, if you have children, then the perfect lot for you will be close to and have access to good schools. If you have a demanding job, then the perfect lot will have proximity and accessibility to your office, easily allowing you to drop by the office on a whim. If cooking is important to you, then the perfect lot will be close to your preferred grocery stores, or even a lively restaurant scene.  

Has utility access

Every home will need utility access, such as electric for power, gas for heat and phone lines for communication. By buying a lot that already has utilities installed, you can bypass the hassle and financial burden of having to input these necessities yourself.  In addition to looking for utilities that are already installed, the perfect lot will be close to water or sewage lines. If the lot that you purchase is not near these utilities, then you will need to not only cover the additional expenses of accessing a well and a septic system, both of which require additional permits.

Does not fall on a floodplain

Water damage can cost up to thousands of dollars, completely destroying buildings and homes in some cases. It’s always important to check the potential weather and natural elements that could affect your dream home, especially dangers that include water damage. To ensure that your lot does not fall on a floodplain, you can utilize the help of a surveyor for help if you cannot find or access past research on the property’s elevation or flooding potential.

In order to keep costs to a minimum, it’s important to put as much research into the lot that you’re purchasing as you are willing to put into planning your dream home. Unplanned utility expenses, municipality restrictions or provisions as well as additional permits and surveys can chip away at your budget, easily derailing certain aspects of your customized home. When you’ve finally found the property that perfectly suits your needs, be sure to contact Cardano-Goodson by calling (215) 540-9183 or by visiting us online today!

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