Your kitchen is arguably the most used room in your home. It’s the place that brings everyone together for laughter, and most importantly food! If home is where the heart is, then it's most definitely safe to say that the kitchen is where the soul is. Although you love your kitchen and the many memories that were born there, it's never a bad time for a makeover! Take a look at some of these top trends that are making everyone’s favorite room in the house that much more appealing.

Subway Tiles

This newly trending design is perfect for those who are looking for just a touch of classic style in the space. This smooth and aesthetically pleasing design is perfect for setting a simple, yet alluring tone to your kitchen. Install black or neutral colored tiles with white cabinets for a sleek look or add vibrantly colored tiles for an exciting and edgy pop!

Matte Appliances

To take your sleek, subway tile look to the next level, add some matte appliances. Just because your backsplash is glossy, doesn’t mean your appliances have to be too. Matte black or slate is the new stainless steel!  Not only do they make a subtle statement, but they can also bring more attention to the design or color of your backsplash tiles, highlighting the functionality and creative design of your kitchen.

Smart Features

Adding a few built-in technology features to your kitchen will make a progressive transformation. Imagine a built-in speaker system with Bluetooth capabilities. You would eliminate the need for extra objects on the counter, leaving more counter space and more room for your favorite food...not to mention it’s really cool! What about a pop-up outlet for your USB charger? Picture the convenience of automated lights when walking into the kitchen for a midnight snack, or a touch faucet when washing your hands after seasoning those steaks. High tech is definitely the way to go!

Adding these trendy features to your kitchen can give it a touch of style and personality, as well as additional functionality. If you like any of these design features or have any ideas of your own, contact Cardano-Goodson today! Visit us online or call 215-540-9183.

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