What are forecasted to be some of the major trend in 2018?  Here are a few of the leading ideas.

Get Tech Savvy

Your smart phone can do more than make a phone call these days. Keep your house up to date by utilizing your phone to the best of its ability! Use it to set alarm systems, switch lights off or close the garage door. For those looking to embrace technology even further, appliances can now connect to your phone - and can remind you to purchase milk when you are low!


Open and spacious floorplans are skyrocketing in popularity and t's easy to see why. Removing tripping hazards such as transitions between rooms and stairs allows for ease when moving around the house. And an open kitchen allows for a less isolated cook, and a more connected family.


Don't be afraid to break the rules in this upcoming year. Custom decoration is becoming hugely popular! Out of the box thinking has created appeal throughout the whole home. Wall papering stairs and creating patterned ceilings against painted walls create eye-catching, unique design in places you never thought possible.

Basement Escape

The idea of the "Man Cave" has transformed recently. Basements are no longer left unfinished and used for storage. An entertainment system, furniture and personal decor can turn your basement into an escape for the whole family!

Metal Decorations

Metal has been common as an accent piece for awhile. Recently using metal as a more integral part of the design, such as a kitchen backsplash. Blending different metals can add visual and textural appeal throughout your whole home.


Color pops are becoming extremely popular and it's not hard to see why! A bright pop of color against a saturated background can refocus the focal point of any room. Brighter colors such as teal, orange and red are replacing traditional browns of furniture pieces to add a fun flair to any room.

Standalone Showers and Tubs

The combination shower/tub is being replaced by standalone showers and tubs in more modern bathrooms. A standalone tub can provide a sculptural upgrade as well as being more spacious. Showers can be beautifully tiled and upgraded with multiple jets and streams.

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