Whether you prefer open or traditional floorplans, there is a significant amount of detail and hard work that goes into ensuring the designs best fit your lifestyle.  We at Cardano-Goodwin can help relieve some of that hard work with our excellent floorplans that can be customized to your liking. When building or renovating a home, picking an open or traditional floor plan can be difficult. Here are some pros and cons to help you determine which you like better!

An open floorplan has a large single living space functioning as multiple rooms. One example would be a shared space between the kitchen, dining room, and living room. Open floorplans have been exceptionally popular over the past few years because they are great for entertaining. When guests are in the living room, you can still be joined in the conversations while you are in the kitchen. Additionally, open floorplans increase your views outside, as well as the natural light. This can make your living space feel more open and inviting. They are also great for keeping an eye on everyone, like your children. On the other hand, sound travels a lot further and there can be limited privacy between rooms in this type of floorplan.

A traditional floorplan is having smaller sized rooms that can provide privacy. These rooms are also easier to clean and keep organized. Since they have more walls, they are great for adding more art work so you can make your home more unique. With a traditional floorplan noise does not travel as far unlike in an open floorplan. Lastly, with a traditional floorplan you can have more specialty rooms, as in a home office or craft room.  In contrast, traditional floor plans can feel closed off and very separated. If you like being able to see your friends and family while you are in another room than an open floorplan is better for you. Traditional floorplans are also becoming a little dated. A great deal of newer homes are becoming open floorplans because they are more inviting and welcoming than a traditional floorplan, so if you want to stay more with the trend an open floorplan is the better way to go.

With whatever floorplan you prefer, we at Cardano-Goodwin can build it for you. We specialize in customized luxury homes and what your dream home to become a reality. Contact Cardano-Goodwin by calling 215-540-9183 or visit our website.

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