Lighter, Brighter Kitchens
Make room for windows. By using smart storage strategies like extending cabinets to ceilings, you can open up the kitchen and sacrifice some wall space in these areas.
Universal Design
There are more features today that allow homeowners to age in place, applying Universal Design principles. Base cabinet drawers, large-loop hardware, drawer microwaves and movable countertops accommodate any chef, young or old.
Time-Saving Kitchen Appliances
Making your life easier in the kitchen, means having to spend less time in it. New advances in kitchen technology allows you to cook delicious meals in less times. Convection microwaves, ovens and induction cooktops allow you to make the same food in less time.
Kitchen Cabinet Storage
Floating cabinets are on their way out new kitchen designs to make room for floor-to-ceiling cabinetry. Not only does this create a backdrop for your kitchen, it allows for more storage space and options allowing you to make the most of your kitchen.
Pullout Kitchen Cabinets
Another way to optimize your storage and space needs is to incorporate pull-out cabinets into your new kitchen. A sectioned area for recycling and compost can ease your quest to become more eco-friendly. Optimizing the under-counter space is a great way to make a crowded room seem larger.

Quartz Countertops
Move over, granite. Quartz is here and it's here to stay. Quartz, and other man-made stones, are more cost efficient and require less upkeep. Not having to seal. your counter means cleaning is simple again - just soap and water.
Specialty Kitchen Lighting
There is task lighting, cabinet lighting and smart systems that are programmed for entertaining, cooking or homework time. Lighting draws the eye to interesting surfaces and improves the overall functionality of a kitchen.

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