In the Home Design: Brochure vs. Custom Homes series, we’ve already discussed the benefits of Brochure Homes and the many ways Cardano-Goodson can make your dreams come true with tried-and-true design that is cost-effective and beautiful.

See our Part 1 Article: Brochure vs. Custom Homes - Part 1: Brochure Home Benefits

The second and last installment in the series will cover the many benefits of custom home design. The two main benefits with custom home design are choice and flexibility. As a homeowner choosing a custom home design, you have the ability to weigh in on almost everything in the homebuilding process. From start to finish, from the doors to the the deck, the homeowner’s vision is almost the only driving force behind the final outcome.

With each decision, the homeowner is working face to face with the home builder and architect to meet the owner’s needs, vision, and lifestyle. The builders and architect are able to blend any kind of style or plan, offering a very flexible and of course, customized final product. The added flexibility and there increased customer attention, yields a very high quality product, to the exact specifications of each owner.

Cardano-Goodson is in a unique position when compared to other builders and contractors - they can work with you if you have little, or no idea of what you want and will design a home that meets your need.

If you have any questions about building a custom home, Cardano-Goodson will work with you every step of the way to make sure you are 100% satisfied. Call us today at 215-540-9183 or visit us on our website today!

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