Next to your kitchen, your bedroom is the place in your home where you’ll spend the most time. You don’t just want it to be a place to lay your head, but a sanctuary, a treasure, and a place you wish to show off. If your master bedroom just isn’t making the cut, it may be time for an upgrade! We have some ideas that will help transform it from simple to extravagant.

Create An Arch

Your bedroom is where you spend the most hours of the day and if you have children, you know that they won’t hesitate to invite themselves in. You may also have friends or family over who want to take a peek at your living space. With all these friendly faces in your chamber, it can’t hurt to have an area (other than your bed) for them to relax in. The lounge area allows for company, while keeping a separate space for the sleeping area. Add some silk drapery to the arch for a lavish and royal look.

Make a Grand Walk-In Closet

Nobody likes putting their clothes in a cramped and crowded closet. Utilize extra space in your bedroom by adding a walk-in closet with enough space for you and your entire wardrobe. A grand closet allows enough space for your shoes and accessories, while giving you a space to model your outfits for any occasion. Wooden furniture like oak dressers or chifferobes adds a classic touch while maintaining an opulent design. Imagine walking into your closet filled with this much space. You’ll never want to leave!

Install A Window Wall

This beautiful feature is a great way to open up and add light to your bedroom. These windows are perfect for reading or just relaxing by, and add a brilliant amount or natural light with a potentially gorgeous view. It also contributes a quality of elegance and a decorative touch that you can customize with drapery to fit your perfect bedroom aesthetic. Place a few lounge chairs in front or even add a banquette for a finishing touch and sit back and enjoy the endless sunlight.

Add A Fireplace

Add literal flare to your master bedroom with a luxurious fireplace. If you desire a more old-fashioned feel, adding this piece will create a warm and welcoming environment. Imagine this fireplace with mahogany floors and matching bedroom furniture to create a regal and elaborate effect. You could also position your fireplace next to a bay window for a stunningly contemporary look that will impress all those who come across it.

If any of these ways to revamp your bedroom are something you’re looking into, or if you have custom ideas of your own, contact Cardano-Goodson by calling 215-540-9183 or visit our website! You dream it, we build it.


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